I have spent 25 years in the legal and financial fields. The last 15 years were spent at the helm of several of Canada’s leading wealth management firms, counselling some of Canada’s wealthiest individuals on how to achieve their financial dreams. Key to my success, and to the success of my clients, is my passion for understanding the investment choices we make, the motivation behind them and setting my clients on the journey to long-term wealth and financial security. This passion led me to complete my doctorate in behavioural finance in 2018.

My background as a lawyer, investment banker, athlete and adventurer, also fed into my approach to investment behaviours and led to my design and launch of two goals-based investing platforms for leading Canadian institutions – an approach that the Globe and Mail called designed for “your dreams and nightmares”.

In my experience, it is how you invest that matters as much (or perhaps more) than in what you invest.

This passion for the art and science of decision-making, particularly investment decision-making, has led me to this blog. In my posts, I look to share my learnings of the science behind decision-making and behaviour in an easy and accessible way and provide tools and tips to translate theory to practice.


Remember the roundabout scene from the movie Chevy Chase’s European Vacation?

The Griswold Family gets stuck in a London roundabout all day.

A roundabout – a traffic circle with many roads leading from it – is a great analogy for the decisions we make each and every day.

You need to know where you are, where you want to go, the obstacles around you, get yourself prepared and then have the courage to act and commit.