Money Talks: Lessons from Canada’s Wealthiest

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We’ve all been there, at a high school reunion or coffee shop, you run into someone from your past who has done extremely well financially. You walk away asking yourself, “why did they succeed and I’m just existing? What did they get right, and I got wrong?” These are the questions explored in this updated edition of Money Talks: Lessons from Canada’s Wealthiest. In writing this book, Sam Sivarajan draws on his doctorate in behavioural finance, his legal and business background and his 25 years of experience at increasingly senior roles in Canada’s leading wealth management firms and global financial institutions. Sam has distilled his experience in counselling some of the world’s wealthiest individuals to get to the core of how the average individual should invest and expose what most of us get wrong. This jargon-free, fun to read book follows a group of friends as they learn that investing is not as complex as they were led to believe and as they ultimately realize that long-term investment success is more about how they invest than in what they invest.