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Constellation Managed Program

Press release announcing launch of unique and innovative program

“We are excited to launch this unique and innovative program that will provide a personalized approach to investing,” said Sam Sivarajan, Senior Vice-President, Wealth Solutions, Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life. “Through Constellation, we are helping advisors redefine the way that they work with their clients to help them achieve their financial goals.”

Bitcoin enthusiasts should remember that bubbles always burst

Article in the Globe & Mail by Sam Sivarajan

… George Santayana, the philosopher, said that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Sadly, many bitcoin investors might not remember that bubbles always burst.

New portfolio design based on your ‘dreams and nightmares’

Interview in the Globe & Mail featuring Sam Sivarajan

“New clients of a financial adviser usually fill out a risk tolerance questionnaire. Chances are the tolerances are average, so they are given a balanced portfolio of half stocks and half bonds, diversified by region.

“It’s like putting one foot in a bucket of freezing water and the other one in a bucket of boiling water,” says Sam Sivarajan, head of Manulife Private Wealth and a proponent of goals-based investing.”

A New Year’s resolution to improve your portfolio management

Article in the Globe & Mail by Sam Sivarajan

“So how do you achieve your do-over goals? One key step is to recognize the danger of living on automatic. Consider that the average person makes almost 35,000 decisions a day. Many of those decisions we don’t think about – like putting on our seatbelt when we get into the car. This is our brain’s way of freeing itself to deal with more complex issues. However, many of us fall into the trap of going on automatic for more important decisions.”

Live long and prosper: Be a Spock-like investor

Article in the Globe & Mail by Sam Sivarajan

“So while none of us may aspire to be Spock-like in our approach to life, learning to control our inner caveman (or cavewoman) may be the key to investing success.”

A lesson from baseball to improve your returns

Article in the Globe & Mail by Sam Sivarajan

“The long ball – whether in baseball or in investing – is exciting and dramatic. But a strikeout could not only devastate investors’ portfolios but also keep them out of the market for years. This is the worst possible result because investors don’t have a shot at winning unless they are in the game. The key to success: Stay in the game, and exercise self-control.”

Case Study: Successful couple tries goals-based investing

Article in Advisor’s Edge featuring Sam Sivarajan

“You can think of goals-based investing as the equivalent of the old days when people put money in separate envelopes,” says Sivarajan. Rent went into one envelope, utility bills into another, groceries into another, savings into another, and everything else into a vacation envelope, for instance. It was understood you never dipped into the rent envelope for any reason. But you might draw from the vacation envelope if, say, you needed an expensive brake job or wanted to go to a concert.”