Money Talks.

The lasting impact of the recent financial crisis is the fear and uncertainty that it has left in the minds of many Canadians. Will they be able to retire? Will they be able to fund their kids’ educations?

“Money Talks: Lessons from Canada’s Wealthiest” follows a group of friends as they struggle with these questions. Applying lessons learned from the richest Canadians, the friends learn, in easy to understand language, practical tips to put them on the road to financial peace of mind.

Book Reviews

“In this book, Sam not only distills the key rules of saving and investing into a handful of accessible chapters, he provides insights for translating those rules into successful action. The result is a practical guide to achieving financial peace of mind for beginners and experts alike.”

– William B.P. Robson President and CEO, C.D. Howe Institute

“A must read for anyone looking for a portfolio make-over, Sam’s book addresses head on the uncertainty and volatility in today’s markets and outlines the key steps needed to secure your financial future. A fun read and a terrific resource.”

– Kathryn From  Founder and CEO, Bravado Designs

“Early in the book Sam sets the stage for what is to follow when he says, ‘Investing is not rocket science. It is simple, but it is not easy.’ He then proceeds to take a number of apparently complex concepts and shows that they are, indeed ‘simple’. This is a roadmap to successful investing told in a simple and straightforward way. It is a must read for anyone hoping to build a legacy for the future. Even industry professionals will learn a great deal from Sam’s dramatic insights.”

– James B. Love, Q.C. CEO, Legacy Private Trust

“An excellent discussion on managing risk appropriately in an investment portfolio. A must read for anyone that lost money during the financial crisis.”

– Dr. Ron DemboFounder and CEO, Zerofootprint; Founder and CEO, Algorithmics

“Sam reminds us of why we should save and invest and how we should go about it, in an approachable and user-friendly way. He presents the sensible and opposing approach to the snake oil mystique of investment “gurus” and in plain language explains how all of us, whatever our income levels, should confront and organize our financial planning. Required reading for those who care about their financial future and that of their families.”

– Peter NorrisRetired investment banker

“An invaluable source of best-in-class wealth management practices, used by Canada’s most successful families, and explained in an easy to understand and fun to read style.”

– Jack Chang  Managing Partner, Canadian Resources Capital

“I found the book engaging, informative and most importantly it got me thinking about my own personal situation. I thoroughly enjoyed the story telling approach Sam has taken to weave in his insights to provide a framework for success. The approach is practical and sensible and leaves one with a sense of hope. I predict that this book is going to be a great success! Sam has the makings of a “Robin Sharma” in the wealth management industry.”

– Indra Dosanjh  Entrepreneur and Technology Executive

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